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Becks: I accidently wrote an 800-words Meta about Starlords characterisation. Oops. It just annoyed me that he just gets reduced to his jokes most of the time
Jay: Welcome to the Deadpool fandom :c

So my dad doesnt think that girls would watch a Deadpool movie. Please reblog this to help me prove a point.



100% WOULD.

Who wouldn’t?



A lot covered in one book….

where have you been, jack douglas

what kind of things have you seen

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i’ve been listening to that three days straight i think i need help

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So my friend and I played the P.T. and finished it in around 30 minutes and actually didn’t die which surprised me A LOT. Nevertheless it was fucking scary

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I have never related to a comic so personally before 


Definitely me. 

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If you would ship Star Lord and Starfire you’d have…Star Star.
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shinkawa you should have known better


Okay. Okay. So let me just tell you about Jay, yeah? She’s the friend that encouraged me to make this blog, so if you enjoy talking to me here, thanks are all to her. Also, she’s a super awesome person. My best friend for years that went through a lot more shit than she should have to because of me, for me, and that I am eternally thankful for.

Jay is amazing, a wonderful dorky person that also writes pretty well & that you can come to any time of day or night and hit up with random shit. I don’t even have proper words to describe how I feel about her. But!

You’d definitely follow her. 

[19:35:20] Becks: pfft
[19:35:25] Jay: xDD
[19:35:28] Jay: you pffft
[19:35:45] Becks: yeah I’m pfft
[19:36:35] Becks: that’s my superhero name now
[19:36:41] Becks: “pfft”
[19:37:13] Jay: FUCK YES xDDDDDDDDDD
[19:37:47] Becks: …are you gonna publish it on tumblr
[19:38:49] Jay: definitely


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Get this guy a decaf.